Gaisberg – excursion mountain and local mountain of Salzburg

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Due to its proximity and the brilliant view of and over the city, the 1,287 meter high Gaisberg is one of the local mountains of the city of Salzburg. As a western foothills of the mountains of the Salzkammergut, the excursion mountain is often visited by the inhabitants of Salzburg.

After the mountain is freely accessible in the evening, the Gaisberg can also be visited at sunset and at dusk. The city of Salzburg can be admired with a picnic blanket and panoramic views. Of course, this also applies to early risers and connoisseurs of sunrises 🙂

parasailing Gaisberg CC0 Pixabay

Both hikers and athletes have their fun here, because the mountain is used in summer mainly for activities such as mountain biking, paragliding, slow biking, road cycling and hiking, in winter for cross-country skiing and for ski tours.

Our tip: if the fog is above the city, the Gaisberg is above the sea of fog and the day can still be a beautiful one. Just treat yourself to the WebCam 😉

360 degree panorama on the Gaisberg

The view is breathtaking. On fine days there is a wonderful panoramic view over the city of Salzburg to the adjacent BerchtesgadenerLand in Bavaria. North of the city you can see over the Salzburg Lake District, and in the south on the Göllmassiv and the Tennengebirge.

The most popular hiking tour – Gaisberg

One of the most popular hiking tours is the Gaisberg circular route.
Walking time: 1h 30 minutes for 5.4 kilometers.
Start at Hotel Restaurant Zistelalm

Hang gliders and paragliders

The Gaisberg already has a long tradition for the aviators, whether hang gliders, paragliders, hang gliders or paragliders. From a distance, the colorful spots of the aircraft are already recognizable. At the summit there is a launch pad, all details for interested parties are available at the Fly4Fun Paragliding Club. For the spectators, it’s nice to see how the athletes prepare for the start and then start up / down the mountain slope.

Directions to the Gaisberg

by car: toll-free road!
by bus: with the Gaisberg bus 151 there is a direct connection from the Mirabellplatz in Salzburg over the district Gnigl on the Gaisberg.